Arab Forum For alternatives think tank seeks to perpetuate the values ​​of scientific thinking in Arab societies, and is working to address issues of political, social and economic development in the framework of the traditions and rules of scientific, away from the language of incitement and propaganda, in the framework of respect for political contexts and social systems, as well as universal human values. It is working to provide space for the interaction of experts, activists and researchers interested in issues of reform in the Arab region, governed by scientific principles and respect for diversity, is also keen Forum to offer policy alternatives and the potential social, not just hoped for the decision maker and the elites of different political and civil society organizations, in the framework of respect for the values ​​of justice and democracy .
AFA is a limited liability company registered since 2008- CR.30743

Board of Consultants

Board of Consultants

  1. .Dr. Amr Al Shaobki: Former parliamentarian, head of the "political system  " committee in the 50 committee to form the Egyptian constitution in 2013, has many articles in Arabic and French newspapers, in addition to a daily column and a weekly article in Al Masry AlYoum.

  2. Mr. Gamil Matar, Director of The Arab Institute for Development and Futuristic Research: Well known Arab thinker, member of the board of the Center of Arab Unity Studies, and writer interested in Transition to democracy in Arab Countries.

  3. Mr. Samir Morccos , A political thinker and writer, has many books on issues of dialogue and citizenship.

  4. Dr. Heba Raouf, Professor at the Faculty of Economic and Political Studies (FEPS), Cairo University: Political Science Professor and one of the most distinguished researchers in the field Islamic Movements, Transition to Democracy and Women's Rights.

  5. Mr. Hani Raslan, Editor of “Al-Ahram strategic document”, an expert at the Sudanese issues and the center of Arab and regional studies (Al-Ahram center for strategic studies). And a member at the Egyptian council on foreign affairs (Sudanese issues).

  6. Dr. Hala Shukralah, General Director of the Development Support Center (DSC) in Cairo: Civil Society expert and one of the Civil Society leaders in Egypt. She has done many trainings, consultancies and evaluations for Organizations in Egypt and the Arab region as well as Europe.

  7. Mr. Mahmoud Kandil, Lawyer and Rights Expert. He is one of the distinguished human rights layers & trainers leaders in Egypt. He has done many training consultancy for Egyptian as well as in the Arab Region and is working for the Arabic Institute for Human Rights.