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The issue of reforming religious institutions has been given priority in Arab Spring countries since the eruption of the revolutions in 2011. This was mainly the result of the growing influence of religious figures in these countries during the transitional stage and the impact they started having on the political scene. Religion has also been a major part of the political and societal debates that abounded during that time. The religious scene in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen was affected by the developments the region witnessed and was, consequently, involved in projects that focused on the reformation of official religious institutions. In Yemen, it was part of a national project that aimed at reforming the entire state while in Egypt it was the result of the growing power of non-official religious players and which was manifested in the role they started playing in politics whether through the coming to power of Islamists or the political parties established by Salafis. The rising number of youths joining cross-border militant groups raised several questions about the efficiency of official Islamic institutions in countering radicalism especially that they weren’t able to deal with the chaos in which the religious scene was plunged since 2011.

Published in ملف # 1